I'm the Musical Director of Songbirds in Harmony, and the crazy bird who decided to start the choir in 2011. What an amazing journey it's been!

Singing, and all things musicy, is my biggest passion. I'm also a piano and singing teacher, and a performer. I have been part of many choirs over the years, but I had never been the musical director of any. However, I was very keen to start a ladies only choir, singing modern, pop style music....just something a bit different. A small advert in the local newspaper attracted 6 ladies. Bingo! I had my new choir!!

5 years later, and there are now over 30 Birds!!! I must be doing something right, right?! It's tough sometimes being at the helm, being so very responsible for putting together concerts, shows, and promotional performances. It's tough sometimes choosing the right music, the right arrangements. It's tough sometimes getting the Birds on board with some songs - it has only taken 5 years for us to finally enjoy True Colours, our very first song! As you may imagine, with a bunch of strong, individual ladies, sometimes it's tough dealing with "choir stuff" that crops up now and again.

But through trial and error, and a fabulous team of supportive ladies, we have become a wonderful united choir. And I absolutely love it! It has become a huge part of my life. I know that probably sounds a tad extreme, but it's true. There have been many times when I've said to myself "it's only a flippin choir!" But actually, it's much more than that. It's my passion, it's my drive, it's my network of friends, it's my support team, it's my social life, it's my outlet, it's my love.

I'm still learning how to be a good Musical Director. I hope I keep learning. It's important to me to keep motivating and inspiring my Songbirds with new music, fresh ideas, great concerts and theatre performances. We perform so well, and have reached a very high standard that we must maintain. It's important to me to keep inspiring and amazing our supporters and our audience too, so they continue to support us and support our charity. I want Songbirds to be The Choir that everyone wants to see and hear. It's hard work, but I'll keep trying anyway.

5 years! Wow. I didn't think that far ahead when we started in 2011. But now, I can't imagine being without Songbirds.......no, I really can't.

Long live those red shoes and red spotty scarf!!!

Annette x


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