Phew! Another annual showcase done and dusted!

Where does the time go?! It flies by every year. We spend so much time and effort learning new songs, practising with the Songbirds Band, ironing out those few tricky bars, getting our performance just spot on....for just one night!

But what a night!! Oh my days, this year we reached another level. I think I say every year "That was our best performance yet!!!" But EVERYONE was saying it this year by the half time interval!!! Every year, we have to do something different, something better than the last performance to keep our audience wanting to come back again. For us, it feels a bit like we have still have something to prove to everyone, that we really are an amazing choir...

So this year, in addition to performing again without the comfort blanket of our black folders and music, in addition to learning brand new songs and brand new words, we really had to up our "show" game! Singing out to the theatre filled with our brilliant family, friends and supporters is actually a very scary thing to do! It's particularly scary when you are so used to focusing on the MD at all times. To shift your gaze away from the person madly mouthing lyrics to help you remember the words is some mean feat! To you non-performers, our audience, this may seem like such a small, insignificant and easy thing to do. Believe me, it is far from easy!

One small shift in our performance made a huge impact. Looking out into the theatre sent our voices floating out right to the back of the auditorium. The sound was amazing, perfectly balanced with the band, and between sections. It also had a fantastic impact on the Birds. I don't thing they realized that just by taking this small step out of their comfort zone would have such an impact on how they felt about singing, on how they actually performed on the night. We were full of smiles, full of positive energy, full of enthusiasm. It showed by the bucket load! And out audience loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!

The atmosphere between the Birds on stage and back stage was wonderful. All the birds left the stage each time with such happy faces. As the MD, that was really lovely to see. The band loved it too - I'm so happy to have such a great team of positive musical minds with gallons of musicality between us. It's intoxicating. And I want more already!

We've taken what have sometimes felt like small, slow steps, but have turned out actually to have been giant leaps forward! So "just one" night is one BIG night for Songbirds. It's still a journey of discovery for all of us. I wonder what the next 12 months will bring us?

See you all soon


Musical Director