It seems such a long time ago,that I was sitting in the school hall about to take the plunge and join a ladies choir ....
There were lots of thoughts running through my head like " are people ready to hear my shower singing voice ?? Do I even sing in tune?" I have to say though the the thought that I remember most was " This is going to be such fun "!!!.
Yep I loved that first night .... it was warm,friendly,relaxed and I just knew that whether my voice was good or not I was going to stick with it - determined that I would get better.
I'm sure that everyone would has started something new has felt the same,wondering if it was for them and this was no different.

Since that first night almost six years ago,with a handful of lovely ladies who had all decided to do something a little bit different with their Monday evenings, Songbirds in Harmony has gone from strength to strength - quite literally.
Choir numbers have swelled,our repertoire has grown, and our confidence (thanks to Annette and her positive drive) has developed growing stronger by the week.

Something else that has grown, are the friendships amongst us. Not only does this make us a supportive choir in our sections but also as a group of ladies as a whole. Something that I think cannot be replaced.
Personally for me it is the best feeling to know that you are part of a team; a group of people who all have the same goal. To make people happy with music and together we are stronger,united and can make a real difference. Not only to others but to each and every choir member by doing what we do best .... singing together!!!

People who attend our concerts and enjoy our performances,and those who get the chance to hear us at the community 'Sing outs' that we do really appreciate the hard work that we put in as a team and that is very special.
The Sing Out performances we do are so important - they give us a real opportunity to showcase ourselves and spread the word that we are her and are REALLY REALLY good !! So it's vital that we attend them as often as we possibly can.

The more people hear us and know about us then the more good we can do for others by raising vital money for our charities,something that at the end of the day should make us all very proud. It definitely makes me smile to know that we have made a difference to someone no matter how small it might be.

So as we prepare for our next concert in September, teamwork is even more important - spreading the word about 'US' and working to make our performance special for everyone who pays to see it.
I love to think that this ' team' that I am part of can continue to go from strength to strength. I can't wait to find out where our teamwork will take us; new adventures, more fun, laughter and enjoyment in singing.

We are all very individual ladies, but when we come together that is very special.
To be a Songbird is a huge part of who I am now, I am so glad that I was determined to keep going and get better at it and feel so happy to have made the fabulous lifelong friends I have.


Julie trying out the equipment...